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Top Misconceptions About Solar Panels


While the majority of people agree that solar is a smart investment, there are still those who believe in some common misconceptions. Based on questions and comments we sometimes get in the field, we created a list of the most common misconceptions some homeowners have on solar. 

Myth #1: Solar panels will damage my roof

On the contrary, solar panels protect and preserve the portion of roof they cover. Quality solar installations are done with all the best practices required by roofing and weather proofing code, just like if you were getting a new roof. 

Myth #2: Installing solar is complicated and requires a lot of maintenance.

Actually, going solar is relatively straightforward as long as you are using a reputable contractor. Also, if your system is connected to your utility grid (most common), then it makes solar panels easier to maintain/monitor. Since solar panels do not have any moving parts, they don’t require significant routine maintenance. 

Myth #3: Solar panels need constant cleaning to work properly

If you live in a dry, dusty, desert climate, some panel manufacturers recommend hosing them down once a year. But if you live in South Florida, you can simply let the torrential afternoon rain do the cleaning for them. Please remember you should never climb on your roof to clean your solar system – it’s not safe. Leave it to the pros.

Myth #4: Solar systems are too expensive

The price of solar has decreased 70% since 2010. Many customers report excellent savings and enjoy the price predictability throughout their finance or loan agreement. Our customers pay less each month for their solar energy than they do from the same power from their utility company.

Myth #5: Solar systems require fossil fuel (a diesel generator) as a back-up energy source

Today’s solar systems are attached to a grid, meaning they have access to electricity provided by power stations during times when solar energy is not available, like at night or during cloudy days. Throughout the day any excess energy your solar system produces is sent back to the grid. If your utility offers net-metering, you are credited at full fair retail rate for the energy lowering your bill even further. Also, there is a great battery backup option with Tesla Powerwall, which is also included in the ITC tax credit.

Myth #6: Going solar will not benefit me

A solar energy system will reduce your dependence on the grid (leading to energy savings), but will still allow all your energy demands to be met. You still have complete control over when you use your energy and what you plug in. The biggest reality is that today’s solar energy systems present an exciting opportunity for homeowners to recognize positive social, environmental and financial benefits. 

Myth #7: Home solar technology is not “there yet”

Unlike many other technological devices, solar technology has not really changed since the 1960s. Additionally, any further improvement is more likely to result in a reduced number of panels needed rather than increased overall efficiency. Each year, month, week or day you wait is another dollar you are paying to the fossil fuel energy company with zero return on your investment or contribution to the environment. 


Resources and Further Reading

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