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Solar Panels Power Super Bowl 50

Final_Infographic Superbowl_0If history tells us anything the battle between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers will bring an estimated 114 million viewers[1] to television screens across the world to watch Super Bowl 50. The intensity of the game the hilarity of the commercials and the opportunity to spend time with friends drives one of the biggest single day sporting events in the world. But what powers the big game – this year it’s solar panels.

The Sun Powers Levi Stadium

Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Home to the San Francisco 49ers is also the first NFL stadium to receive LEED Gold certification and is powered by the sun. Over 1,100 solar panels are mounted in areas throughout the construction of Levi’s Stadium providing clean energy and shade to fans rooting for their team. A year’s worth of energy generated by the solar panels is enough to power every 49ers’ home game[2].


According to research provided the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) in 2015, nearly a third of the NFL teams played or trained at stadiums with on-site solar assets. That’s 8,000 solar PV panels, generating more than 10 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year. Over the next few years we will begin to see even more solar panel installations within the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens and the Atlanta Falcons both have plans to add solar power to their stadiums.

Economics and Environment Face Off

Levi’s Stadium has joined a long list of sports venues and fortune 500 companies make the switch to solar power it has major positive benefits to their bottom line. Data from SEIA’s annual Solar Means Business report shows that major corporations are making the switch to solar in record numbers. Businesses leading the way have great influence over the people they serve. When your favorite store or local utility provider is finding savings in switching to solar it is only logical to assume solar panels for your home must provide savings as well.

So this year as you are digging into your chips and salsa, downing a frosty beverage or rooting for your favorite team on the big screen at home or your favorite local establishment feel good that sports teams across the U.S. have generated enough solar power to keep 56 million carbonated beverages frosty in 33,000 refrigerators.




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[2] Read more about the installation here

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