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Top Misconceptions About Rooftop Solar Panels

Top Misconceptions About Rooftop Solar Panels

What’s keeping you from tapping into the power of solar energy for your home? While most of us are aware of the benefits of solar energy, we remain in the dark about all the associated elements. That’s all about the change. Prepare to be enlightened on what is and isn’t true about going green at your crib.

Myth: Solar panels require no maintenance

Reality: Since solar electric panels do not have any moving parts, they don’t require a significant amount regular maintenance. That doesn't mean they require no maintenance. Annual Operations & Maintenance or O&M costs should be presented to you in your agreement up front. Solar is a big investment and it's better to check up on it at least once per year rather than waiting for something to go wrong.

Myth: Solar panels need to be cleaned all of the time to work properly

Reality: While some panel manufacturers recommend hosing them down once a year, especially if you live in a dry, dusty, desert climate, many owners simply let the South Florida torrential afternoon rain do the cleaning for them. You should never climb on your roof to clean your solar system - it's not safe. Leave it to the pros.

Myth: Solar will cost more than I will receive back in savings.

Reality: The price of solar power has been decreasing rapidly. Many customers report excellent savings and enjoy the price predictability throughout their lease or loan agreement. Our customers typically pay less each month for their solar energy than they do from the same power from their fossil fuel power company.

Myth: Solar systems require fossil fuel (a diesel generator) as a back-up energy source.

Reality: Today’s solar systems are attached to a grid, meaning they have access to electricity provided by power stations during times when solar energy is not available, like at night or during cloudy days. During the day any occasional, excess energy your solar system produces is set back to the grid for your neighbors to use. If your utility offers net-metering, you are credited at full fair retail rate for the energy lowering your bill even further.

Myth: Solar panels will damage my roof.

Reality: On the contrary, solar panels protect and preserve the portion of roof they cover. Quality solar installations are done with all of the best practices required by roofing and weather proofing code, just like if you were getting a new roof.

Myth: Opting for solar energy will have a negative impact on my quality of life

Reality: A solar energy system will reduce your dependence on the grid (leading to energy savings), but will still allow all your energy demands to be met. You still have control over when you use your energy and what you plug in.

Myth: I should wait for further advances in solar technology to increase its efficiency.

Reality: Unlike many other technological devices, solar technology has not really changed since the 1960s. Additionally, any further improvement is more likely to result in a reduced number of panels needed rather than increased overall efficiency. Each year, month, week or day you wait is another dollar you are paying to the fossil fuel energy company with zero return on your investment or contribution to the environment.

The biggest reality is that today’s solar energy systems present an exciting opportunity for homeowners to recognize positive social, environmental and financial benefits.  Contact one of our solar energy experts at Vinysun Solar Energy to schedule a free consultation and receive a completely optimized quote and proposal for going solar.


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