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Is Your Home a Good Candidate for Solar?


Getting solar panels can be a great way to help the environment and reduce your energy bills. But you may be wondering if your home is a good fit for solar. In most cases, the answer is yes. But there are also homes that wouldn’t be good candidates for solar. Determining whether your home is a good fit is the first step toward making an informed choice about solar energy. Here are five questions to help you determine whether your home is a good fit for solar panels. 

How much are your current energy bills?

If your electric bill isn’t at least $75 in an average month, you might not be a good candidate for solar panels. One of the main goals of solar is to help you save money, and with the start-up costs of installation, people who already pay very little for their electricity may not experience the savings from solar energy. With higher energy bills, though, you could potentially benefit from a change to solar power. This wouldn’t apply to you if you are looking into switching to solar for environmental reasons.

What type of roof does your home have?

Shingles, concrete tile, and standing seam metal are the three main roof types best suited for solar panel installation. Suppose you have a slate or shake roof or clay, mortar, or composite metal. In that case, you’ll want to work closely with a professional solar contractor to make sure you’re getting the right system and installation. Solar installation could be a bit more complicated (but not impossible) on these types of roofs.

Does your roof need replacement?

Solar panels last several years; with that in mind, take a careful look at your roof before installing solar panels. If you plan on replacing your roof, it’s best to do it before panel installation. That way, you won’t have to remove the panels in just a few years to replace your roof and have the panels reinstalled. 

How much sunlight does your home get?

While your home doesn’t need direct sunlight to be powered by solar panels, you need to have a roof that will work with a reasonable amount of sunlight. Are there any trees shading your property? The orientation of your home, whether the roof is blocked by trees, or whether you have other issues that could affect how much sun your roof receives should be taken into consideration. A professional solar installer can measure the level of sunlight your roof gets, consider the angle of the sunlight throughout the day, along with providing you with shade reports and lidar readings. 

What kind of climate do you live in?

The climate you live in matters. People who live in sunnier climates generally have more success with solar panels than those who live where it’s cool and rainy. That doesn’t mean you can’t have solar if you live in a cloudier location, but only that it might not be as effective for you, or modifications may be needed. By carefully addressing the climate issue, your chances of having a better experience with solar energy increase.

There are several important aspects to consider when getting solar panels for your home. Working with a professional company is the best way to ensure you’re getting a well-designed system for your home. So that you can enjoy the benefits of your solar panels for a long time to come.

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