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Holiday Energy Saving Tips and Gifts of Going Solar


Cooking, cleaning, wrapping, hanging holiday lights – these things consume energy in more ways than one.  Giving the gift of low energy bills can be the gift that keeps on giving. Solar panels for your home is one way to be certain that your family saves money during the holidays but also makes a serious neighborhood statement about your commitment to the environment.

The holidays are the time of year where you see all of those swanky car commercials, where people walk outside to a brand new car with a big red bow or Santa cruising around in a red Mercedes-Benz. Why not put a big red bow on top of your rooftop home solar system?


Use LED light bulbs to brighten up your spirit.

LED light bulbs have come down in price so dramatically that you almost have to want to spend more money lighting up your home any other way. LED holiday lights, according to the Department of Energy, consume much less energy. They are also less likely to tangle and break which means next year you’ll get just as much use out of them. The best part about LED’s is you can string up to 25 strands together and plug them into a single socket. Source:

Give the gift of guiltless hot water

Do you have a special someone in your life that loves to take spa like baths to relax – then leaves the rest of the family without hot water? Choose a hybrid water heater this holiday season. Not only will you save 50% on your home water heating costs, hybrid water heaters deliver 1.5X more hot water in the same time as a traditional home water heater. Source:

Give the gift of a smart thermostat

It’s time to upgrade your, old, dumb, thermostat to a smart, learning thermostat. The NEST and Ecobee learning thermostats are all the rage and can save you 10% on your heating and cooling costs. These intelligent, internet of things, based thermostats are not only smart, they are sexy too. Replace that mercury filled slide ruler on your wall with a smart thermostat this holiday season. Source:

Power your holidays and your life with home solar panels

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning, running outside to see what your other half bought you to find a big red bow on your roof and under that bow was solar panels! The gift that keeps on giving -- affordable, clean, solar energy. Don’t worry about the costs, because now you can power your home with solar for $0 down and the monthly payments are typically less than your current fossil fuel utility provider. Source:

Carbon offsets make a better gift than coal

Santa is probably the only one in a red hat who is capable of bringing back the coal industry. For the worst offender in your life, we recommend buying carbon offsets as a replacement for coal in their stocking. Your certainly not going to give them solar panels for their offenses. Send the message of clean energy in the easiest (smug) way possible. Carbon offsets are also wonderful clean energy gifts for the eco-conscious and for those who can’t put solar panels on their home because of shading. Condo dwellers make excellent recipients also. Source:

Go ahead. Just do it. Get a Tesla.

Ditch the dirty gas station. Stop burning dinosaurs. Go ahead and buy yourself that bright red Tesla, put a bow on it and surprise everyone in your family as it autonomously presents itself to you on Christmas morning. There is plenty of room in the frunk (front trunk) for delivering gifts to family and friends. Plus, when you’re done with your holiday tour in your new ride, you can come home and charge your Tesla with your home solar panels.


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