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Climate Change is Reason Enough to Go Solar

This Visualization on Climate Change is Reason Enough to Go Solar

Many different approaches have been taken when it comes to discussions on global climate change, but the above visualization breathes new life into the topic.

Thanks to advancements in satellite technology, NASA has combined thousands of photos as a part of its Blue Marble: Next Generation photography endeavor to create a view of the planet without any cloud obstruction for every month of the year. The first part of the video cycles through these unaltered NASA images.

The second part of the video uses the same images combined with data from the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory related to the projected warming of the Earth and shrinking of the arctic ice cap over the next 100 years. The message is clear: something must be done to change the current direction.

Rising levels of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gasses in the atmosphere have warmed the Earth and resulted in negative consequences such as rising sea levels, melting snow and ice, more extreme heat events, fires and droughts and more extreme storms, rainfall, and floods. According to real scientists, these trends will continue and are likely to begin to accelerate if we a planet do not begin to curb carbon emissions immediately. The end result is that these changes will significantly compromise our health, natural resources, economy and overall quality of life. Rich nations will not be able to escape the devastation of climate change, while poorer nations will see its impacts first.

Going solar makes a difference, big league.

Solar energy represents an immense opportunity to alter the current course of climate change. According to Solar Energy Industries Association, solar power is the world’s most abundant source of renewable energy. By converting sunlight into electricity, solar panels can make clean energy a reality and help reduce the emissions of carbon and greenhouse gasses- mitigating global warming and climate change.

While governments and businesses are increasingly looking at solar panels as a means of reducing the carbon footprint of a region or organization, people can also make a change at an individual level. Installing solar panels on your home is the single most effective way not only take a socially-responsible stand against what is happening in terms of global climate change, the environmental benefits are so significant that you can feel good knowing you are helping ensure the earth keeps breathing.

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