Why Should We Use Solar Energy?

Posted by vinyasun on Apr 13, 2021 10:30:00 AM

There are several positive reasons why we should all be using solar energy. Keep reading as we give you the top six reasons to consider going solar.

Solar Energy is Clean Energy
  1. The "dirty" secret of traditional electricity is that we must burn fossil fuels such as coal to make it.

  2. When we burn fossil fuels, we create greenhouse gasses, which are among the primary causes of climate change.

    Going clean means we decrease greenhouse gas emissions created to light or heat our home or business.

Solar Energy is Sustainable 

The energy produced from the sun is massive and will sustain us for millions, if not billions of years. Plus, it is available all year long. Even more impressive is that in the size of just .4 percent of the U.S., we could create enough solar energy to power the nation. 

Evolution in solar panel design allows us to capture and convert upwards of 47 percent of sunlight into energy. Solar panels take significantly less energy to fabricate than they produce over their lifetime

Solar Energy Strengthens The Power Grid 

As more people switch to solar, there is less demand for electricity created at power plants. That means that more energy is available during peak energy usage times and fewer instances where power outages, rolling blackouts, or brownouts would occur. 

We've Already Seen an Energy Disaster in 2021

A far-reaching cold spell took out most of Texas's power grid and left 4-million plus homes without power. That meant that people could not heat their homes, cook meals, or stay warm. The disaster cost lives of children and adults. 

Solar-powered homes still produced power. Texas is planning to install more solar arrays to help offset its energy issues. 

Solar Energy Creates Jobs and Supports the Local Economy 

The solar industry currently employs 250,000 people, and there are over 10,000 solar businesses in the U.S. 

Behind every solar installation, there is a team of skilled professionals that made it happen.

Various departments support a solar company: operations, permitting, construction, engineering, sales, marketing, etc. 

Switching to solar strengthens the U.S economy by decreasing the dependence on foreign entities for our energy. (Our country currently relies on net imports for 40% of crude oil and petroleum products)

Solar Energy is Accessible and Affordable

We don't have to buy energy from the sun as we do with oil. Solar energy removes us from the burden of cost placed on us through our energy demands. The sun is free; we just need PV systems to harness the energy from the sun.

Solar PV prices have decreased 55% over the past five years- and that's before factoring in the financial incentives and rebates available to homeowners that make the switch. 


Solar energy is clearly a powerful resource- not only for the personal benefits we can glean, but also the widespread impact it can have on the environment.

Find out how you can start harnessing the sun's power. Schedule a free consultation today.

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