Does Solar Panel Size Matter?

Posted by vinyasun on Jan 14, 2021 1:36:00 PM


When it comes to solar panels, size does matter. However, there are many ways to measure the size of a solar panel. Physical size being one of them, the first that usually comes to mind, measured in square feet or how much space it takes up on your roof. Another way to measure the size is by power rating. Solar panels come in various sizes. Just because it’s bigger doesn’t mean you’ll get the output you need.

What’s so important about efficiency?

The higher the efficiency, the less electricity you need for power. The old panels used to be larger but caused issues with roof placement. Technology has made it easier to smaller, more efficient panels that do more, requiring less roof space and the number needed to perform. If you’re looking to increase the efficiency of the solar panels you have, adding one or two more is possible.

Keeping up a great aesthetic

One of the best things about having smaller solar panels is that they won’t detract from the design of the home. Depending on the roof's architectural structure, smaller panels can be installed in a way where they won’t be visible to the general public. Additionally, smaller panels are easier to install with less time and less stress on the roof.

It’s always good to comparison shop for the best panels that serve your purposes. SunPower panels lead the way in efficiency, with a 22.8% panel efficiency rating, with LG at second with an efficiency rating of 22.0%. Both of these are known for their pricing and warranty offered, which covers up to 25 years. The reliability and durability of solar panels are also important to consider, as well as how they are made. Doing your research can help you decide the type and efficiency rating that works best for you.

In essence, the size of the panel matters, but smaller panels are much better than the older, larger panels. If you’re concerned with pricing and usage (which you should be), leaning toward high-efficiency ratings is definitely the better choice.

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